A smile is worth a thousand words …

We have a curly boy "Luke". No shed, just love him. I take Luke everywhere with me. Everyone loves Luke. He shops with me in Nordstrom, goes into church meetings with me and just about everywhere I go. People (and I) say almost daily Luke is the dog you HOPE FOR! He slept through the night from 11 pm-7:15 am from THE FIRST night HOME. We were incredibly fortunate in all ways with Luke. He is so trainable and we are so pleased!

- Suzanne

Hi Brandi, We just wanted to send you a few updated pictures of Maverick (Motley). We can't even begin to express what a wonderful dog he is! He has brought so much joy to our lives and we love spending time with him. Thank you for providing such a beautiful, friendly puppy!

- Matt & Hillary

Hi Brandi, So far Sadie is perfect. She slept thru the night and has used the toileting area (#1/#2) several times. I have been putting a little bit of plain, organic yogurt on her food and she seems interested in eating it. Today we rode in the car and walked around the block. She is ultra calm and such a good cuddler. Thanks so much for matching us!

- Nina

Hi Brandi, We picked up Molly (she's been named) & she was a little nervous at first. My daughter Danielle came with me & held her on the way to the car. We put her down before we got into the car & she started hopping around which was a sign of the way she is. She has fit right in. Danielle who is allergic was really excited as her eyes didn't swell or tear up & Jane, daughter #2 is thrilled. My youngest daughter Joanie is really the one who wanted her but she does not know we have her yet. She will be home from school on Thursday & I'm sure she will love her as we do. I can't even begin to tell you how good a puppy she is. She does everything you want. She has taken to the cage & we move it to the bedroom at night & she sleeps through the night. Thanks for your help in all of this & I'm sure we will be sending you pictures.

- George

Hi Brandi! I can't believe it's been over a year now that we picked up Cooper from the Roxy / Dash litter. Just wanted to drop you a quick note to let you know we welcomed another new addition to our household on 12/1 when our son, Alex Rohan, was born. Cooper is adjusting really well - he is very gentle with Alex and seems very concerned when he cries! It will be great once they can play together when Alex gets older. 

- Ashish and Kim Desai

Morgan continues to be the best dog ever! We celebrated his 2nd Birthday on 12/29 and he's 30 pounds 19 inches. Loves to retrieve and follows me around like a shadow. He spends my work days at a doggie daycare where is adored and pampered. Enjoy the photos! 

- Danner

Hi Brandi…This puppy is adorable. You did such a great job with her…she slept in her crate the first night with no whining or crying at all. We just love her already. Her new name is Piper (after the girl in the movie robots). Thanks again…she’s a doll

- Kari

Hi Brandi... I just wanted to let you know how much fun we are having with Buddy. He is the cutest little guy - so loveable and sweet... Thank you so much!!!

- Liz

Hi Brandi, I'm a graduate of the SF SFPCA Academy for Dog Trainers, and proud doodle parent, with a dog training and walking business in San Francisco. I have the pleasure of working with Rojo and have also met the lovely Penny. I work with so many Doodles that I call my group The Doodle Mafia (I've attached a picture with Rojo on the left, and my boy, Lefty, in the middle), and I have to say I find your line to be the most consistently wonderful doodles in NorCal. In fact, you're getting quite a good reputation amongst my network of fellow trainers.

- Aimee, CTC and Don of The Doodle Mafia, It's a Dog's World SF

Jasper is an amazing, amazing little dog. He is sweet, friendly and smart as can be. He learns fast and plays hard, but naturally knows when to take a quiet break. He is a gentleman in my home and has not destroyed a thing. He's even been to the office and behaved perfectly to everyone's amazement. He stops traffic wherever we go with that incredible coat and those beautiful root beer colored eyes. Jasper's the best and I love him very, very much. I could not be happier with him, and you can publish that!

- Michael Susnow

Everything is going GREAT!!!!!!! Stella Bella makes me laugh CONSTANTLY ... she is the funniest puppy I've ever seen. She continues to sleep through the night. Thank you Brandi for bringing such joy into my life with Stella.

- Theresa

Hi Brandi, She is doing very well! We are calling her Ella, and it seems to fit her quite well. We couldn't bring ourselves to make her sleep alone in her crate over night yet so our solution has been to set up our tent in Madeleine's room and Madeleine and Ben have been sleeping in the tent with her. They have all been enjoying that a lot! We have been working on our crate training during the day though and left her today for the first time for an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon. We began to feed her on a schedule today and are starting to figure out her schedule a bit more too. We have invited all of our friends to stop by and meet her so she has been getting lots of socialization and playtime. Noah has not shown any sign of allergy so far. PS She has gotten even cuter since last Thursday!

- Kathy

No other dog that I've ever owned has garnered more attention than our Doodle, Cali. She really has grown into what can only be described as "the perfect dog." She is friendly, playful, quiet, cute, she doesn't shed -- and at 27 pounds, she is the perfect size for our small suburban home. Thank you for bringing such wonderful pups into the world. Our next dog will most certainly be a Doodle!

- Laura Bowly

Our puppy, Comet, is truly the sweetest, most loving little guy. We crate trained Comet, and aside from a little anxiety the first night or two, he took to the crate very quickly. The crate was a big help with potty training. Comet almost immediately slept through the night. In the morning, first thing, we would carry him outside to pee. Then we would take him out about 15 min. after eating so he could to do his business. Then every two hours or so in between meals. Within about 5 or 6 days, he was potty trained. Comet hardly sheds - every once in a while we'll find tiny fluff balls in the corners of the house, but not often. I am allergic to dogs and my mom has severe allergies and neither of us have had a problem with Comet except a few sniffles the very first week. Comet is really good around kids and loves all people. He also adores other dogs. He's not too fond of pigeons, however, but I can't really blame him there. He's such a joy, and we feel lucky to have him.

- Connie Sun

Hi Brandi, Pistachio is now named Satchel (Satchel T. Levine is his full name and the "T" is for trouble) We just love him so much! He is a really great dog and I wanted to let you know how happy we are to have him. He is a very popular dog out on walks and at the park, people stop us all the time to ask what kind of dog he is. I have given quite a few the name of Sutter-Butte golden-doodles, which is exactly how I found you, out on a walk spotting the exact dog I wanted! Anyway, I hope all is well with you and yours. If we had a bigger house, I would get another dog from you! ( I really want one!)

- Angela

We are having so much fun with her and she is truly the perfect dog. Amazing temprement and so loving. All my friends with dogs say that a Goldendoodle is their next puppy after seeing her. I hear that our new "first dog" of the Obama's may be a golden doodle! I am sending you a picture from my phone because it is not on the computer. I never would have believed I would turn into such a dog person, but she has stolen all our hearts. I will keep in touch and hope your new litter is as adorable as bailey's.

- Margaret

Let me start off by saying that Jesse is the sweetest, most trainable dog whom we've ever had!!! We LOVE him dearly, so much in fact, that we are adopting another! We had just lost two Wheaten Terriers (wonderful dogs), when the opportunity to get Jesse arose - what a God send - he brings pure joy to our lives!!! I've had many, many dogs in my life, even bred 1 litter, & Jesse is the best PUPPY, BAR NONE!

- Pat Irwin

Argus has been an amazing dog. Intelligent, eager to please, easy to train, and always wanting to be involved, he's got a very distinct personality, and is the source of much joy. We take him too a local dog park regularly for much needed exercise and play, and he's consistently the show stopper, with people always asking me the details of what where and how...He's super friendly and goes from one person to the other at the park looking for acknowledgment and affection. All of the regulars there know and love him.

- Peter Kagan

Today is Gia's 2nd birthday and I just had to take a minute to thank you again for such a wonderful, beautiful companion. She has all the best qualities of her parents, Rozie and Capone. She is healthy as can be, is beautiful and loving, very outgoing and sociable, well-behaved and curious. Everyone loves her -- other dogs, all the neighbors and friends, and all the children around. She is 47 pounds, apricot/cream, with a very silky, non-shed coat. She is surely the smartest dog I have ever met. (Do I sound prejudiced? Perhaps, but these are all verifiable facts!) If I could afford it, I would apply for one more of the coming pups from Rozie and Capone. Best wishes to you and all the family.

- Dolores

Obi Wan (renamed Chewbacca, in keeping with the Star Wars theme but closer to his appearance) He has been doing very well… completed his puppy training… the children adore him… he is famous in the neighborhood… and he gets lots of attention at the vet. He has lost a number of baby teeth, and weighs approximately 20 lbs at 5 months of age. We hope you are doing well.

- The Seres Family

Hello there! Well, Roxy graduated and I have already enrolled her in Puppy II! She is such a smart dog!! So beautiful, with those green eyes! Everyone just loves her!!! I will send her pictures when I get them. Her little diploma is so cute!! Take care and I will talk with you soon!

- Tamara

I just wanted to let you know how much we LOVE our dog! Jazz is a perfect family dog and has the sweetest disposition. I am amazed at how calm and smart he is for not even being a year old. He loves to go on our daily run and stays right by my side; he sleeps at my feet during the day while I work; he loves to tussle with Aaron and Michael and loves to cuddle up next to anyone he can; he thinks he’s a lap dog. He has been the perfect addition to our family. Thank you for the wonderful job you do! We are actually thinking about possible getting another puppy, but may want to wait until spring of 2010. Is there any chance you would be rebreeding his parents in that timeframe? I’ve also considered the smaller version. Would you please remind me of the different sizes? I hope the New Year brings you and your family much happiness.

- Kimberly

Brandi, I just wanted to let you know how much we are enjoying our Hattie, from you March 2008 litter. She loves to fetch and run as much as possible, but relaxes when her humans want to relax. She loves the water and is starting to swim a little. She is so affectionate and good natured. After she is bathed, her fleecy fur really fluffs up. She looks like double the dog she really is! I can’t tell you how many people have stopped us when we are walking her to ask what kind of dog she is and give us compliments on her. I hope you and your family are doing well.

- Lidia

Hi Brandi, Lily is doing great! Thank you so much for following up--and NO, you are not being a pest. She is so sweet and has a terrific personality. We could not be more pleased with the new member of our family. Hope all is well with you and your family too. We will send pictures as Lily continues to impress us.

- Don

Hi Brandi - I thought I'd send you off some pictures of Fredo. We are having such a great time with him. He is a total clown and has truly engratiated himself into our family. He's officially full grown (13 months) and is not quite 35 pounds. When we had his coat longer he looked like he was about 50 pounds, but we gave him a summer shear. He got a little matted and needed a good cut.

- Tiffany

Just wanted to send you a note to say we are doing wonderful! Burton settled right in and had an awesome time up at our cabin in the snow. He is potty trained and sleeps in his crate all night, He has such a cute personality and is very mellow (so far) He is healthy and strong and weighing in at 14 pounds.

- Sunny, Brian & Kenna

Hi Brandi, I want to let you know that Felix is doing great! I was home for two weeks over the holidays working on potty training. He sleeps in his crate at night and does not make a sound all night. He has now been coming to work with me for four days, and he has not had a single accident at the office...so far (whew!) But perhaps the most exciting news is that he starts 8 Saturdays of therapy/basic obedience training this Saturday, and then soon after that he will start training to become a public service (“psychiatric” or “chaplain”) dog. I am very excited about the next phase of our life together.

Please tell your dear son that Felix is happy and will soon be working to help people with troubles. And thanks to him, and to your other children, for doing such good work with him when he was tiny.

- Jenifer

Hi Brandi! I just wanted to send a quick email & a current photo to let you know how much we LOVE Tango! He has been the best dog & we are thrilled with him! He is just a little over 5 months & weighs 21 pounds. Growing, growing, growing! He has become "my baby" & does not leave my side during the day!

Hi Brandi, just wanted to let you know we seem to be having a smooth transition. Nutmeg spent the night in her crate with no crying. For every one accident we have had at least three successful outdoor potties. She is well loved, and I think she knows it! She is currently napping at my feet cuddled in her blanket with Santa. Thank you again for your generosity, may you and your family be blessed in turn.

- Leza