Also known as Dash – this little guy will steal your heart. We are so pleased to have added this boy to our program. He is sheer perfection. He has every quality of the “perfect” Labradoodle. His temperament is one of confidence and security. He fears no one and is eager to greet anyone who wants to meet him. He gets rave reviews in his interaction with children. He is tolerant and patient. He understands the unpredictability of small children and is not unnerved by it. His coat is sheen and shiny and red as red can be. Silky and plush, his coat is loose waves of non-shedding fleece. A truly perfect coat in terms of Labradoodles. He is small but compact and sturdy. His boning is thick and solid. With his confident stride and cheerful disposition one can see why we fell so in love with this boy. Dash lives with our family.