Buster may be the sweetest boy I have ever met! Coming to us from Hale’s Labradoodles this boy is a lover! One of a handful of infusion dogs accepted by the ALAA we are so proud to have him! What we have found with our infusion lines (our Dash is also from infusion lines) is that these genetics bring a quality into the lines that people love! It brings a nice solid and compact frame as well as the big floppy ears and endearing wide and round eyes. The infusion line is what helps us to achieve that overall “teddy bear” quality my clients (families) are looking for in a doodle. We are very excited to see what this boy is going to produce for us this year! He lives with us here at Sutter Buttes. Buster is available for stud service to approved breeders. (If an ALAA member you need to fill out the ALAA infusion breeding paperwork in advance to get approval for the breeding – email me before your girl goes into heat and I’ll help you get this done. bhuffmaster@mac.com)