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Australian Labradoodles & Bernedoodles
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Multi Generation Australian Labradoodle – All Colors & Sizes:  $3000*

Multi Generation Australian Bernedoodles:

* Tri, Bi & Phanom: $3750*

                                                                    * Merle: $4500*

For information and pricing for breeding stock, please contact us.

FullSizeRender (3)A non-refundable deposit of $515.00 must be made to reserve a spot on our wait list. Deposits can be made via Paypal or Apple Pay  (see below). DEPOSITS ARE NON-REFUNDABLE

Payment in full is required when the puppies reach 4 weeks of age. The payment options are PayPal, QuickPay with Zelle and Apple Pay or Cash App

Airport Delivery Service out of Sacramento International Airport (SMF):

We prefer to send all of our pups that have to make a flight via Airport Delivery Service. This is when you book a flight into our local airport Sacramento International Airport (SMF) and a return flight back home including a booking with your airline for a puppy to ride in-cabin with you on your return flight. In between your flights we will meet you at Sacramento International Airport and hand deliver your puppy to you. You can quickly get back on board your return flight and the puppy can ride with you in the cabin of the plane. The additional cost of this service is $105.00 – (buyer is also responsible for all associated flight and travel fees to be paid to the airline)

Puppy Nanny Services:

Another method of shipping is to have us set you up with a “Puppy Nanny” service. We can arrange the entire service for you with our nanny and they will fly your puppy directly into your nearest airport. Once we have all the flight details,  we give you the nanny’s PayPal account info and you pay them directly for their services. We have found the pricing to be very reasonable at $450.00 and your puppy gets to ride in cabin with the nanny throughout the duration of the flight home.

Make your payment online:

Non-Refundable Deposit $515.00

PayPal Final Payment
This option will allow you to enter the exact amount owed at the PayPal screen

AUSTRALIAN LABRADOODLE: Final payment if Deposit of $515 has been paid: $2578.00 
Pay in full: $3093.00 

AUSTRALIAN BERNEDOODLE (TRI or PHANTOM): Final payment if Deposit of $515 has been paid: $3335.00 – Pay in full: $3865.00

AUSTRALIAN BERNEDOODLE (MERLE): Final payment if the Deposit of $515 has been  paid: $3605.00 – Pay in full: $4120.00

Airport Delivery Service into SMF (as explained above) $105.00


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