What is a Guardian Home?

When we started our doodle business twenty years ago we became one of the first breeder’s to attempt having a larger program completely kennel free. We started by placing puppies who would become parent dogs in our program with friends and family. Instead of being raised in a kennel, our puppies were raised in home with families living a normal happy puppy life! As our breeding program grew and became more popular, our guardian program also began to reach a larger group of people showing interest in this wonderful way to have a breeding program with happy, healthy and loved pooches! We have never looked back and we are so grateful for our amazing guardian families!

By becoming part of our Guardian Program, it allows you to have our “Pick of the Litter” puppy and raise them in your home while we retain their breeding rights. There is a $500 fee to become a guardian home. Once the guardian dog has completed her|his breeding career, they will be spayed|neutered at the guardian families expense and remains their forever pet.

Responsibility of a Guardian Home

Guardian families are responsible for all non-breeding related healthcare such as: yearly booster vaccines, flea and tick prevention, heartworm meds, annual overall health visits, accidents, injuries and illnesses. All guardians must feed pawTree while their dog is in program. All grooming is the responsibility of the guardian family as well as outside training.

Benefits to becoming a Guardian Home

When becoming a guardian you will be receiving what our team has assessed to be the pick of the litter puppy. When choosing a pick of the litter puppy we are assessing not just aesthetics, but also structure and temperament. You will be getting an amazing puppy at just a fraction of the cost. It is a wonderful program but it definitely is not for everyone. If you would like us to send you our Guardian Contract to review please fill out the application below

Guardian Program Application Form

    Are you familiar with the Doodle breed or have you researched the breed.

    Do you work outside the home?

    Do you travel often?

    Are there any other pets in the home?

    Are there any kids in the home?

    Do you own your own home?

    Do you have a fenced-in yard?

    Do you have a pool?

    Are you planning on moving in the next 5 years?

    Do you have a gender Preference?