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Australian Labradoodles, Bernedoodles,
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Thank you for your interest in Sutter Buttes Stud Service. All of our studs are readily available either through natural breeding or Artificial Insemination. hange it to say we work closely with Sirius Canine Fertility, Inc in Grass Valley, CA. We offer fresh, chilled or frozen semen for those who prefer AI. Please let us know how we can best assist you!

Hale’s Makin’ It Easy @ SBL aka Hercules Mulligan

Registered Name: Hale's Making it Easy (AKA Herc) ALAA-046662

Sex: Male

Sire: Hale's Giorgio Armani (AKA Mustacio) ALAA-033082

Dam: Hale's Cheap Trick (AKA Karmen) ALAA-037045

DOB: 10/29/15

Color: Caramel with white mismark

Coat: Soft Wavy Fleece

Size: medium

Weight: 28 pounds

Height: 15 inches

Health Testing: OFA, PennHip, IC Clear, Paw Prints Genetic Health Clearance

Hercules Mulligan he needs no introduction (for all you Hamilton fans out there….you get it). If you hang around our website or Instagram account at all this year you will be seeing a lot of this boy! He is about to make his debut here as a daddy of several SBL litters and his pups are going to shine! It’s super easy to fall head over heels in love with this boy! Be on the lookout for Herc pups!! Herc is available for stud service to approved breeding programs.

South Mountain’s Carter’s Not Just Peanuts aka Finn

Registered Name: South Mountain's Carter's Not Just Peanuts aka Carter

Sex: Male

Sire: Peanut (mini-poodle)

Dam: Rose (Bernese Mountain Dog)

DOB: 2/17/18

Color: tri-colored

Coat: soft wavy fleece

Size: mini F1

Weight: est 20-25 at maturity

Height: est 15-18 at maturity

Health Testing: embark health panel, OFA (hips & elbows), CERF when appropriate age

Named after President Jimmy Carter and his 1976 campaign slogan, our fluff ball Finn is a mini F1 bernedoodle destined for big things! He is playful, funny, friendly and loves everyone. He has a beautiful soft fleece coat that is plush and perfect. He is one of our foundation studs here at SMD and we just could not be happier with his sweet disposition and and lovable antics!

Hale’s Right Hand Man aka Hamilton @ SBL

Registered Name: Hale's Right Hand Man AKA Hamilton

Sex: Male

Sire: Hale's Look'n like Lorax aka Quinn

Dam: Hale's Don't be Tardy for the Parti aka Kimmi

DOB: 10/08/17

Color: Phantom

Coat: soft wavy fleece/non-shedding

Size: mini/medium

Weight: est 25 pound range

Height: est 14 inches

Health Testing: TBD

We are so thrilled to introduce Hamilton into our stud program! Hamilton is a chocolate phantom and will produce some gorgeous new colors here at SBL. This boy is not throwing away his shot so look for big things from him in 2019! Hamilton lives with a guardian family in the Yuba-Sutter area.

Hale’s Reggie @ SBL

Registered Name: Hale's Reggie

Sex: Male

Sire: Hale's Southern Gentleman aka Knox

Dam: Hale's Love the Lyrics aka Jesse

DOB: 05/23/2017

Color: Red (carries chocolate)

Coat: soft wavy fleece/non-shedding

Size: medium

Weight: 30 pounds

Height: 15 inches

Health Testing: CERF, OFA hips and elbows, vwD clear via parentage

Reggie comes to us from Hale’s. He is a beautiful highlighted red boy who we welcome to our program! He will be producing beautiful puppies for us beginning in 2018! He is one sweet beautiful boy. We are excited to bring him into our crew of studs!

SBL’s Lu’s the Boss’s Boy aka Baxter

Registered Name: Sutter Buttes Labradoodles Lu's the Boss's Boy

Sex: Male

Sire: Jubilee's Boss at ASD

Dam: Sutter Buttes Little Taste of the Holiday aka LuLu

DOB: 03/21/2015

Color: parti - red|white

Coat: soft wavy fleece/non-shedding

Size: miniature

Weight: 22 pounds

Height: 15 inches

Health Testing: OFA, CERF, vWD clear pp, IC Clear pp,

Baxter was a boy born here at SBL that is co-owned our very good friend’s at Rollin’s Doodles. Its nice to use this boy with SBL roots as he has produced some gorgeous micro-mini litters within our program. Baxter is sweet, playful and full of charm!

Sutter Buttes Knox Your Socks Off aka Knoxs

Registered Name: Sutter Buttes Knox Your Socks Off

Sex: Male

Sire: California Ozzie at SBL

Dam: Sutter Buttes Reagan

DOB: 01/09/2018

Color: Red

Coat: soft wavy fleece/non-shedding

Size: mini/medium

Weight: est 25 pounds

Height: est 15 inches

Health Testing: TBD when older

You have no idea how excited we are to have an Ozzie offspring son back in program! Knox is that dude! For now, Knox will hang out with his guardian family and enjoy puppyhood. When he is older we look forward to seeing a new line of Ozzie grandsons and granddaughters – yes, but for now we let him grow up and have fun!

Sutter Buttes Kodachrome aka Teddy

Registered Name: Sutter Buttes Kodachrome

Sex: Male

Sire: Hale's Welcome to Fabulous

Dam: Sutter Buttes Playin' With the Queen of Hearts

DOB: 05-05-15

Color: Red

Coat: soft wavy fleece - non-shedding

Size: mini/medium

Weight: 22 pounds

Height: 15 inches

Health Testing: OFA Hips & Elbows, CERF, cardiac, Paw Prints Genetics Health Clearance

Koda was produced right here at Sutter Buttes Labradoodles. He is just a bundle of energy and love….well, he is still just a young guy so that is typical! Amazingly deep mahogany red in his color, this boy is going to produce us some beauties!!! He “makes you think all the world’s a sunny day…..oh yeah!” No one is going to take our Kodachrome away because he will give us those nice bright colors beginning in 2016! Teddy is available for stud service to approved breeding programs.

Sutter Buttes The Gladiator aka Maximus

Registered Name: Sutter Buttes The Gladiator

Sex: Male

Sire: Spring Creek's Legendary Lover

Dam: Sutter Buttes Tallulah Belle

DOB: 9/12/12

Color: Red with white mismark

Coat: Wavy Fleece (Non-Shedding)

Size: Medium

Weight: 30 pounds

Height: 16 inches

Health Testing: OFA hips & elbows, CERF, PRA/clear, vWD/clear (when of age)

Maximus has all the right stuff! Great personality, awesome confidence and an amazing red coat that is soft, plush and non-shedding! He is a lover boy just like his daddy and we are excited to have him as a part of our program. Born here at Sutter Buttes he lives in a local guardian home.

Hale’s Welcome To Fabulous aka Bailey

Registered Name: Hale's Welcome To Fabulous

Sex: Male

Sire: Hale's Ace in the Whole

Dam: Hale's Eyes Like Emeralds

DOB: 10/30/12

Color: Caramel - carries chocolate

Coat: Wavy Fleece (Non-Shedding)

Size: Mini

Weight: 18 pounds


Health Testing: OFA hips & elbows, CERF, PRA/clear, vWD/clear

We LOVE our Bailey-Boy! Father of our stud boy Sutter Buttes Kodachrome this boy surpasses every quality we ever wanted in the perfect SBL stud! Bailey is available for stud service via frozen semen at ICSB. Contact us for details!

California Ozzie

Registered Name: California Ozzie

Sex: Male

Sire: Canadoodle's Scarlett Cimarron

Dam: Primetime's Lacy

DOB: 08/12/2004

Color: Red (Bbee) Carries Chocolate

Coat: Wavy Fleece (Non-Shedding)

Size: Miniature

Weight: 22 pounds

Height: 15 inches

Health Testing: PennHIP, CERF, Thyroid, PRA/clear, vWD/clear, Blood Panel

Ozzie is confident and eager to please.He has been our foundation Australian Labradoodle stud here at Sutter Buttes. He has produced nothing but quality within his sired litters. Even when bred with problem coats he has thrown me nothing but perfection as far as coat quality within each and every litter. His personality shines through his puppies as he is confident and fearless as well as laid back and calming. He is a treasure to our breeding program…..he truly is the perfect stud boy! Ozzie lives with his guardian family in the Bay Area, CA.

South Mountain’s What Did I Miss? aka Jefferson

Registered Name: South Mountain's What did I Miss? aka Jefferson

Sex: Male

Sire: Grimm The Great (blk/wht)

Dam: JETTA BEE (phantom)

DOB: 06/28/17

Color: tri-blue merle

Coat: soft wool coat

Size: mini

Weight: 9 pounds

Height: 10 inches

Health Testing: OFA, PawPrint, CERF, clear genetic panel

Jefferson is our handsome little stud muffin. He is a mini poodle who will be used within both our Bernedoodle & Labradoodle program. He is a tri-blue Merle like his infamous daughter Blu who everyone is in LOVE with! What we love is that he is very smart, loves everyone and is extremely calm! He is the perfect blended balance and will add a great new touch to our program…and the blue…he will add that show-stopping blue coloration! Already a proven stud, he will begin immediately here at SMB & SBL – He lives with our family.

South Mountain’s History Has It’s Eyes on You aka George (Georgie)

Registered Name: South Mountain's What Comes Next? aka Georgie

Sex: Male

Sire: Navajo's Rusty Red of Oxarks

Dam: Spring's Violet of Oxarks

DOB: 06/23/17

Color: tri-parti

Coat: poodle coat

Size: mini

Weight: 9.8 pounds

Height: 7 inches

Health Testing: pawprints genetic panel, OFA, CERF

Georgie is one of our sweet little Mini Poodle sires that will be used within both our Bernedoodle and Labradoodle programs. He is a parti tri boy! He has the sweetest disposition! Very blessed to have him in our program!

South Mountain’s Space Oddity aka Bowie

Registered Name: South Mountain's Space Oddity aka Bowie

Sex: Male

Sire: Standard Poodle

Dam: Standard Poodle

DOB: 08/18

Color: Phantom Tri

Coat: standard poodle coat type - wool

Size: Standard Poodle

Weight: 55 pounds

Height: 18 inches

Health Testing: PawPrints|OFA hips & Elbows|Eyes|Breeding physical

Bowie is our rock star Standard Poodle Phantom Tri! He is perfect in every way and will sire our Standard Bernedoodles litters here at SMD! Super sweet and the best temperament and he’s super gorgeous to boot! The perfect boy for our program….his groupies will be swooning!

South Mountain’s Super Smooth Draft aka Porter

Registered Name: South Mountain's Super Smooth Draft aka Porter

Sex: Male



DOB: 03/10/18

Color: Traditional Tri (blk/wht/tan)

Coat: Soft wavy fleece - non-shedding

Size: mini/medium

Weight: 25 pounds

Height: 15 inches

Health Testing: embark health panel, OFA (hips & elbows), CERF

Porter is sheer perfection! He is a mini Australian Aussiedoodle. We brought him into our program to bring his nice tri-color genetics, sweet disposition and silky smooth coat into both of our Bernedoodle and Labradoodle programs! 2019 will be a great year and we cannot wait to see the puppies Porter will sire!

*Porter is co-owned with our friends at: Sunny Ridge Doodles