Specializing in mini and medium
Australian Labradoodles, Bernedoodles,
Sheepadoodles & Newfypoos since 2002


Sires – SMD Boys

South Mountain’s Carter’s Not Just Peanuts aka Finn

Registered Name: South Mountain's Carter's Not Just Peanuts aka Carter

Sex: Male

Sire: Peanut (mini-poodle)

Dam: Rose (Bernese Mountain Dog)

DOB: 2/17/18

Color: tri-colored

Coat: soft wavy fleece

Size: mini F1

Weight: est 20-25 at maturity

Height: est 15-18 at maturity

Health Testing: embark health panel, OFA (hips & elbows), CERF when appropriate age

Named after President Jimmy Carter and his 1976 campaign slogan, our fluff ball Finn is a mini F1 bernedoodle destined for big things! He is playful, funny, friendly and loves everyone. He has a beautiful soft fleece coat that is plush and perfect. He is one of our foundation studs here at SMD and we just could not be happier with his sweet disposition and and lovable antics!

South Mountain’s Feel The Bern aka Bernie

Registered Name: South Mountain's Feel the Bern aka Bernie

Sex: Male

Sire: Miniature Poodle

Dam: Bernese Mountain Dog

DOB: 01/12/18

Color: Traditional Tri

Coat: standard F1 coat

Size: miniature

Weight: 25 pounds

Height: 16 inches

Health Testing: Paw Print Bernedoodles panel|OFA hips & Elbows|Eyes|Cardiac|Breeding physicals

Bernie is one of our handsome hunks here at SMD! He is sweet, loving and all kinds of CUTE. Bernie will be a stud to a few of our litters and we can hardly wait to see what he has in store for us. He lives with his guardian home in the Yuba Sutter region.

South Mountain’s What Did I Miss? aka Jefferson

Registered Name: South Mountain's What did I Miss? aka Jefferson

Sex: Male

Sire: Grimm The Great (blk/wht)

Dam: JETTA BEE (phantom)

DOB: 06/28/17

Color: tri-blue merle

Coat: soft wool coat

Size: mini

Weight: 9 pounds

Height: 10 inches

Health Testing: OFA, PawPrint, CERF, clear genetic panel

Jefferson is our handsome little stud muffin. He is a mini poodle who will be used within both our Bernedoodle & Labradoodle program. He is a tri-blue Merle like his infamous daughter Blu who everyone is in LOVE with! What we love is that he is very smart, loves everyone and is extremely calm! He is the perfect blended balance and will add a great new touch to our program…and the blue…he will add that show-stopping blue coloration! Already a proven stud, he will begin immediately here at SMB & SBL – He lives with our family.

South Mountain’s History Has It’s Eyes on You aka George (Georgie)

Registered Name: South Mountain's What Comes Next? aka Georgie

Sex: Male

Sire: Navajo's Rusty Red of Oxarks

Dam: Spring's Violet of Oxarks

DOB: 06/23/17

Color: tri-parti

Coat: poodle coat

Size: mini

Weight: 9.8 pounds

Height: 7 inches

Health Testing: pawprints genetic panel, OFA, CERF

Georgie is one of our sweet little Mini Poodle sires that will be used within both our Bernedoodle and Labradoodle programs. He is a parti tri boy! He has the sweetest disposition! Very blessed to have him in our program!

South Mountain’s Space Oddity aka Bowie

Registered Name: South Mountain's Space Oddity aka Bowie

Sex: Male

Sire: Standard Poodle

Dam: Standard Poodle

DOB: 08/18

Color: Phantom Tri

Coat: standard poodle coat type - wool

Size: Standard Poodle

Weight: 55 pounds

Height: 18 inches

Health Testing: PawPrints|OFA hips & Elbows|Eyes|Breeding physical

Bowie is our rock star Standard Poodle Phantom Tri! He is perfect in every way and will sire our Standard Bernedoodles litters here at SMD! Super sweet and the best temperament and he’s super gorgeous to boot! The perfect boy for our program….his groupies will be swooning!

South Mountain’s City Slicker aka Bronx

Registered Name: South Mountain's City Slicker aka Bronx

Sex: Male




Color: Blue Merle Tri

Coat: poodle coat

Size: moyen

Weight: 25 pounds

Height: 14 inches

Health Testing: pawprints genetic panel, OFA (hips & elbows), CERF

Bronx is our moyen poodle boy who is going to bring some gorgeous pups into both of our programs. Mature weight at 25 pounds he will bring a solid build and some outstanding color to our litters! Yep….we are excited for 2019 and you should be too!

South Mountain’s Super Smooth Draft aka Porter

Registered Name: South Mountain's Super Smooth Draft aka Porter

Sex: Male



DOB: 03/10/18

Color: Traditional Tri (blk/wht/tan)

Coat: Soft wavy fleece - non-shedding

Size: mini/medium

Weight: 25 pounds

Height: 15 inches

Health Testing: embark health panel, OFA (hips & elbows), CERF

Porter is sheer perfection! He is a mini Australian Aussiedoodle. We brought him into our program to bring his nice tri-color genetics, sweet disposition and silky smooth coat into both of our Bernedoodle and Labradoodle programs! 2019 will be a great year and we cannot wait to see the puppies Porter will sire!

*Porter is co-owned with our friends at: Sunny Ridge Doodles