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Australian Labradoodles Grooming Guide courtesy of Kendra at Noble Vestal Labradoodles


FullSizeRender_3 (5)At Sutter Buttes we feed our dogs only the best! When it comes time to wean our puppies we try to be as holistic as possible! We use a blend of RAW and kibble so that you can decide which path to take upon bringing your puppy home. NutriSource Super Premium Dog Food: nutrisourcepetfoods.com. Please feel free to email Brandi at: bhuffmaster@mac.com to learn more about both RAW and kibble and find out which may suit your puppy’s needs best!

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If you are looking for a older Australian Labradoodle, please try the Australian Labradoodle Re-home Discussion Boards. Potential Australian Labradoodles found on these sites are typically older dogs who have been displaced either via pet stores or puppy mills and are looking for a new loving home. You can follow these links for more information:

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