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Australian Labradoodles & Bernedoodles
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Sutter Buttes The Porter aka Porter

Registered Name: Sutter Buttes The Porter

Sex: Male




Color: tri-colored

Coat: soft wavy fleece

Size: mini

Weight: est 25 pounds

Height: est 14-16

Health Testing: embark, paw prints, OFA (hips & elbows), CERF when appropriate age

Porter is a super exciting boy to add to our line up not only for our Australian Labradoodle program, but also for our Australian Bernedoodle program. Porter is a tri-colored Australian Labradoodle that will bring that sought after tri-coloration to our program in a stronger way. Co-owned with a friend and fellow doodle breeder, Porter will live in the San Diego, CA area where he can easily work with both programs.

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