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Breed Benefits

The Top 5 Reasons to Own A Australian Labradoodle

1) Labradoodles make wonderful additions to one’s family. They are known to possess the gentle and sweet disposition of the Retrievers combined with the intelligence and allergy friendly coat of the Poodle. Labradoodle are great with children and are easily trained. They are eager to please and tend to go with the flow of family life… they just blend right in!

2) If you suffer from allergies but want a dog, a Australian Labradoodle may be the breed for you! Many people suffer from pet allergies and are unable to be near a dog, let alone own their own. It is not the dog fur that allergy sufferers are allergic to, but actually the dander that clings to the dog’s fur. Australian Labradoodles have no to low shedding coats which tend to be allergy friendly due to the lower percentage of dander their coats contain as compared to other breeds. One should be aware that not every allergy sufferer will be able to tolerate the Australian Labradoodle but most find them either completely allergy friendly and/or tolerable. They are a new alternative for those who never thought it possible to have a dog as a pet.

3) No to low shed coats are a plus! It is important to find a coat type that suits your style. Australian Labradoodle coats vary in their ability to shed or not to shed. First cross (F1) Australian Labradoodles can vary from no to heavy shedding coats. Backcross Australian Labradoodles (F1b) tend to be much more allergy friendly with no to low shed coats. Multi-Gen Australian Labradoodles tend to be non-shedding to very light shedding dogs due to the consistency of coat types within the Multi-Gen lineage. Multi- Gen Australian Labradoodles tend to be the best bet for the person with allergies or someone wanting a non-shedding dog.

4) Australian Labradoodles get along well with other animals. Due to their wonderful dispositions, Australian Labradoodles tend to get along with other animals and family pets. When bringing a new pet into any family scenario in which other pets are involved, there may always be a few adjustments here and there that need to be made. With Australian Labradoodles, the transition time is usually relatively short, as they seem to come right into their new environment already well adjusted and ready to join their new pack.

5) Australian Labradoodles are unique! You will find that wherever your Australian Labradoodle goes people will show interest. Because Australian Labradoodles are still a relatively new breed in the states, you don’t run into a Australian Labradoodle everyday. People will be curious and very interested in your Australian Labradoodle. It seems that regardless of where I take our Australian Labradoodles, they are constantly the topic of discussion due to their unique look and adorable personalities!


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